Serie de disney xd aaron stone

Via his avatar, aaron stone, charlie is the best player in the world at the video game, hero rising. Battle your way through multiple challenging rounds of rock, paper, scissors as you take on disney xd s best. This show isnt a comedy, which is what disney channel excels at, but it is still. It was produced in conjunction with canadian shaftesbury films and filmed in toronto, ontario, canada. It played in major theater chains preshow entertainment countdowns across the. Aaron stone is the first original series for the channels new focus. Action series aaron stone leads off new disney xd lineup. Sixteenyear old charlie landers is a legend in the online video game world.

On may 5, 2009, disney announced that the show had been renewed for a second. Originally broadcast with the launch of disney xd on february, 2009. The first season aired on disney xd from february, to november 27, 2009. Although the series was cancelled long time ago, in september 2016, a petition was started in to convince disney xd to make another season and. Aaron stone is a new action adventure series scheduled to air in february 2009 when disney launches their new tv network disney xd. Aaron stone creator drew inspiration for disney xds. Manoux, tania gunadi and bruce kalish, it was announced that aaron stone will not be renewed for a. Via his avatar, aaron stone, charlie is the best player in the world at the video. Aaron stone is a canadianamerican liveaction, single camera adventure series and the first original disney xd series about a teenager who is enlisted to become the real life version of a legendary, crime fighting online game character. This trailer was part of the marketing campaign for the launch of disney xd and their first show, aaron stone. His life is forever changed when an eccentric billionaire recruits him to become the real life aaron stone, fighting real crimes with. Aaron stone 2009 the complete tv series 4 dvds kelly. Watch full episodes and videos of your favorite disney xd shows on disneynow including duck tales, gravity falls, lab rats and more. Mcclatchy newspapers mct a teenage action hero has been selected to lead the way in the transformation of the cable channel toon disney into disney xd.

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